Colder Weather Means Cable Knits

As the temps decline, we look for comfort to help us get through these shorter and now colder days.

via American Eagle Outfitters
via American Eagle Outfitters

Cuddling and cocoa are great, but my absolute favorite fall friend is the cable knit sweater.

Its knit patterns and thick warmth will get you through a cold North wine, will make the drive-thru line at Starbucks a little more endurable, and have given me the comfort of “home” even when you are away.


Not only fashionable, cable knits are super comfy, too. Imagine being hugged…all day. An added bonus is they hide those extra cold-weather pounds (I just can’t resist the buffalo chicken dip on game day.)

Cable knit comes in forms other than sweaters too: beanies, gloves, tights and leggings, even comforter sets can bring us the comfort of a cable knit without having the sweater around.


So cozy up, cuddle up, and cable knit up through your winter. You’ll be glad that you did.

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