SoCality Barbie…Really? Really. And Truly.

Meet SoCalityBarbie.


She is an Instagram-famous doll, having racked up 1.31 million followers within her 131 posts, a great Insta-ratio if you ask me.

What makes her special is not only her incredible ability to use Instagram as an inanimate object, but her intense hipster style as she does it.  It also makes us pause and wonder: has the world really come to this?  Following a Barbie’s Instragram feed?

SoCalityBarbie  shamelessly flaunts her undeniably “authentic” lifestyle with some fun, cheeky snaps.  You drink coffee?  So does SoCality Barbie.  Nature walks?  SCB does it better and more beautifully.

Socality 2

Stylish, outdoorsy, “authentic,” and philosophicial:

“I wonder if there will be Instagram in heaven? That way we can stay connected for all eternity.”

The media has grown to love her not-so humble self and selfies, and so have I. Stay authentic, SoCalityBarbie, and keep putting our Instagram posts to shame.

“I’ve been doing some deep thinking about true community and authenticity lately. But mostly wondering why @instagram and @instagood haven’t featured me yet.”

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