Fall Style Trend: Blanket Scarves

Plaid has been a fall pattern staple since before I can even remember. You always see people breaking out the flannels right when October hits and cuddling up in their cozy plaid blankets, sipping on apple cider by the fireplace. However, you may want to try out another way to wear plaid this season that isn’t a flannel nor a blanket (per se): the blanket scarf. That’s right. A blanket scarf. It is now not only socially acceptable to walk around outside wearing essentially a blanket, but it is fashionable at the same time.

Paulien plaid scarf

When I was studying abroad in Spain last fall, I saw these blanket scarfs everywhere (although Europe is always ahead of us when it comes to trends). This year they are popping up again and are more accessible here in The States! They come in many different patterns such as plaid (the most-popular), checkered, geometric prints, tribal prints, solid colors, or color-blocked!

kendall jenner blanket scarf
Kendall Jenner rocking a tribal printed blanket scarf
plaid scarf girl
geo print blanket scarf
Geometric print
color blocked blanket scarf
Color-blocked print

Scarves are a necessary accessory when it comes to the fall and winter time (especially here in Minnesota!), so it overjoys me that I can now wear an over-sized and fuzzy blanket in a cute pattern all season. Stylish and warm? I’ll take it,

And you don’t have to worry about putting a hole in your pocket if you are looking to buy one of these beautiful scarves. They generally run between only $15 and $30! Some can go for $50, but you don’t have to spend that much because they are also available for a more reasonable price. I was able to find them from a few different stores such as Target and Zara so if you’re interested, just click the links below!

Checked and Striped Scarf (Zara)

Brown Check Scarf (Zara)

Soft Check Scarf (Zara)

Reddish-Orange Checked Scarf

Red-Black Plaid Blanket Scarf (Target)

White-Red Plaid Blanket Scarf (Target)

Blue-Red Plaid Blanket Scarf (Target)

Here is a look that I put together based off of the gorgeous plaid scarf! Very simple and cute. You will stay warm and comfortable with the scarf, sweater, and jeans while the tan leather booties elevate your look.

Now go out and yourself a blanket scarf if you haven’t got one already! You’ll find yourself wanting to wear it every day, with everything… I promise.


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