Creepy Cocktails for Halloween

We may not be the appropriate age to dress up and trick-or-treat anymore, but we are the appropriate age to enjoy a nice beverage. Whether you’re having a halloween-themed party or not, these halloween-themed beverages are the perfect thing to get you in the holiday spirit! So while all the kids are out trick-or-treating, you should enjoy a nice treat yourself and indulge in these festive bevvies.

Caramel Apple Martini

caramel apple martini

caramel apple martini ing

How easy is this? All you need is the right ingredients and a shaker. Bada-bing bada-boom. Give the kids a caramel apple sucker while you sip on this delicious drink, and we’re all winners.

The Ghostini


ghostini ing

I have never seen an all, pure white martini before. Is that just me? Of course there are drinks like the White Russian and Iron Butterfly, but this is pure white — how cool is that?? Again, a very simple drink only requiring the proper ingredients and a shaker!

The Brain Hemorrhage

brain hemorrhagebrain hemorrhage ing

Now for all of you who are interested in a festive shot rather than a mixed drink, I’ve got you covered. This one might look a little creepy but looking at the ingredients is sure to be a treat!

Boo-Berry Scream

boo berry scream

boo berry scream ing

This drink reminds me of the blueberry flavored dum-dum suckers, and I bet it tastes even better in a cocktail form. Although the name is Halloween-themed, you can drink this one for any occasion.

Happy Halloween season and as always… cheers!

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