Set Sale (Sail) into Columbus Day

(I hope you all appreciate the punny title.)

Most of us probably know that Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus’ landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. But other than that, it is also meant to honor his achievements as a whole and Italian-American heritage!

The first actual Columbus Day celebration was in 1792 in order to commemorate the landing’s 300th anniversary. During this celebration, Italian and Catholic communities all over the country started to organize religious ceremonies and parades yearly, taking pride in Columbus’ Italian heritage and Catholic faith.
However, for centuries there has been controversy over this particular holiday. Many Native Americans take issue with this day because it also indirectly symbolizes the overtaking of the Americas and death of millions.

It is important to take into the account of every holiday, especially those that are our own, because there is always a history which adds meaning to the celebrated day.

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Happy Columbus Day from us to you!

2015 10 11 Columbus Day Sale

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