3 Illustrators You Need to Follow on Instagram

Anyone obsessed with art and fashion? Here are 5 fashion illustrators you need to follow on Instagram right now! Each one has an amazing creative eye that merges the worlds of fashion and art perfectly. Grab your phone because you’ll want to look these up as you read through!

via @dallasshaw
via @dallasshaw 

Dallas Shaw, @dallasshaw. She has an incredible eye for a chic, dreamy style that can be said about fashion choices too. Based in Delaware, her feed is sprinkled with trips to the NYC and enviable pieces from collaborators. She’s worked with brands like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

via @brooklit
via @brooklit

Brooke Hagel, @brooklit. This girl’s talent cannot be denied. She has a unique style and use of the Copic markers that make her a top illustrator in our book. She attends different events to illustrate attendee’s fashionable outfits and also does custom illustrations for brides.

via @marnanidesigns
via @marnanidesigns

Martha Napier. @marnanidesign. With the Senior Womenswear Designer for Michael Kors on her resume, you can trust she knows a thing or two about fashion. Her career started in the most unusual of places – on the streets of NYC during fashion week. She sat outside some of the biggest shows and would illustrate looks from the runways. You can bet that made a scene, and one the fashion and art world haven’t forgotten yet.

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