How To Make a Cozy Corner

Do you ever walk into a space or a home where you feel automatically at home? Like whoever decorated the space had “cozy” in mind when they carefully chose the fuzzy throws or neat lighting that created ambiance. With fall here, finding or making a cozy space is essential when the leaves begin to fall and you want to snuggle in with a good book on a rainy fall day.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

However, not all of us have the perfect, roaring fireplace with twinkly lights hanging up. We might have to make do without a devoted space to sitting in a comfortable chair with oversized pillows, and multitask with the spaces we do have.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

That might mean take an ordinary chair or corner and spicing it up a little bit! Add a thick, knitted blanket, a pumpkin spice candle, and set the mood with some great lighting. Maybe it isn’t a chair but a small sofa or even a day bed.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Regardless of where you choose for your cozy corner, remember it is whatever you make it! Add your own personal style and touch so you can curl up and flip through your favorite magazines as the leaves begin to fall.

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