Top Five Fall Foods

Every season seems to have popular foods that mark that time of year. In summer we delve into the freezer for an icy popsicle or in winter we cuddle up to a cup of cocoa with marshmallows. We can’t overlook this time of year. With the crisp fall scent in the air and weekend trips to the orchard, there are signature foods that go along with the season. Let’s look at the five most popular fall foods that you must try leading up to Thanksgiving.

Candy Apple. Did you know that the first candy apple was made in 1908 as a decoration? They’ve come a long way. Although, they are still pretty enough to use as decoration

Pumpkin donuts. Any other time of year you can eat chocolate donuts and plain glazed. But this time of year you can eat pumpkin donuts to your heart’s content. Yum!

Apple fritters. There’s nothing like going to an apple orchard and finding warm apple sugared fritters at a stand. It’s a must this season!

Pecan Pie. Pie, pie, pie! This is the season that’s all about pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie and the famous pecan pie. Get a yummy one or at least grab a slice.

Caramel Popcorn. Nowadays, you can buy caramel popcorn anytime of year, but it used to be a seasonal luxury. You have it at your fingertips! But it tastes better now that its fall. Go get a bag!