How-To: Summer to Fall

Now that the temperature has started to drop and the leaves have started changing colors, it is time to dress a bit warmer. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your summer wardrobe! There are a few tricks you can use so that you can still wear pieces from your summer clothing.

While some may think that denim shorts should be saved for the warmer months, I disagree. Denim shorts can be worn year-round, as long as you pair them with other articles of clothing that will still keep you warm! You can do this simply by layering! Put on a comfy sweatshirt and layer a jean jacket over it. And as far as your legs go, you can either wear tights underneath your denim shorts or do as I did in the outfit below and pair them with some over-the-knee boots. These boots are very in-trend this season and make your legs look long and lean! Keeping that little bit of skin peaking through adds some sexiness to the outfit as well. And if you’re afraid of your thighs getting cold, just throw on a pair of skin-colored tights and you’re good to go! You will stay warm without looking completely covered head-to-toe.

Summer to Fall
Another summer essential has been the button-up skirt, and you don’t need to put it away quite yet. As I said earlier, tights are a great way to transition your outfits from summer to fall. During the summer months, you could have worn this skirt with a cropped tank top and some lace-up flats or sandals. But for the fall, simply put on some black tights, booties to keep your feet warm, and a long sleeve crop top. I love this crop top especially because it has a higher neck which is not only very fashionable this fall but will also keep your neck warm! Add a crossbody to keep the look casual and you are good to go.
Now before you go into your wardrobe and put all of your summer pieces in the back of your closet, take a look at them and ask yourself if you can pair them with items like tights, over-the-knee boots, or if you can pack on some cute layers so that they are still wearable during the fall. The answer will probably be yes.

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