Life in Monochrome

Gone are the days when wearing the same color for your whole outfit is unfashionable. Especially this season, we are seeing many people (including celebrities!) rocking the monochromatic look.

Monochrome Zoe Saldana

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Monochrome Emma Watson

The key to mastering the monochromatic look is to choose a neutral color. Sure, you can definitely sport an all orange or all pink outfit but it’s much harder to achieve. Sticking with an all black, grey, navy, white, or tan outfit maintains a sense of sophistication. So I have created three different outfits: one grey, one navy, and one black in order to show you what works!

This grey outfit is perfect for the fall! Instead of sticking to all one shade of grey and appearing washed out, it is important to add elements of dark and light. I did this by pairing a dark grey sweater with light grey jeans. And the jacket is a shade of grey right in between the two. Add some sleek slip-ons and a streamlined crossbody bag to complete the look!
I love love love this next look. Start with a pair of jeans. Most people will be able to find a pair of dark wash navy jeans, so if you have a pair then you’re already on the right track! The loose-fitting navy peplum top makes the outfit more casual while the oversized cocoon coat, heeled booties and clutch add elegance. The booties and clutch both being suede really ties the whole look together!
Last but not least, my favorite color: Black. Black goes with everything — so why not pair black with black? I am in love with the checkered patterned blouses that have been popping up in so many stores lately. Wearing this blouse breaks up the outfit with its small hints of white and grey. And the zipper feature in both the skinny jeans and leather jacket make them go so well together. It’s the small details that count! To top it off, slip on a pair of sleek black pumps and a leather tote bag (which, again, ties into the leather elements in the jacket) and you are good to go!
I hope I’ve inspired you all to find monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe and play with this daring yet ultimately simple trend for the fall season!

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