Fall Fringe For Days

Autumn, the glorious fashion time of year, is primarily known as the harvest season, dating back to a time when Native Americans were the only people inhabiting these lands.

Channeling your inner Sacajawea is now easier than ever with the amount of fringe (and tribal print) that has been hitting the racks this autumn season.

One retailer supplying you with all of your Native American inspired wants and needs is American Eagle Outfitters. Their fringe selection spans over everything from accessories and shoes to sweaters and scarves.

Courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters
Courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters
Courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle also features the Minnetonka brand moccasins on their website, known for their authenticity, heritage, and comfort.

Courtesy of Minnetonka
Courtesy of Minnetonka

While sporting Native American inspired style, it is important to remember to remain respectful of such a rich culture. For example, those headdresses that you may see many celebrities, models, and music fesitival goers wearing are actualy part of a sacred tradition.

According to Dennis Zotigh of the National Museum of the American Indian, “Both feathers and face paint have purpose and often spiritual significance depending on tribal protocol and individual interpretation. In Native cultures, both feathers and face paint are earned through actions and deeds that bring honor to both tribes and nations. Individuals [outside the community] who wear feathers or face paint were not given the rights or permissions to wear them. This is analogous to casually wearing a purple heart or medal of honor that was not earned.”

To learn more about the Native American culture, visit the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. or search for nearby reservations that you may like to volunteer for.

Luckily, fringe is one of those fashion statements that we don’t have to worry about. Don’t be afraid to rock the tribal look this autumn while remembering to stay respectful of the Native American race.

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