Going Loco for Coconut Oil and Its Benefits

As the dry fall air sets in, replacing summer’s moisture, our skin needs extra love.  We are going “loco” for coconut oil and its tremendous benefits.

I’ve recently noticed that most of my products are coconut bases, primarily coconut oil based. According to Health.com, benefits include:

  1. Giving hair added moisture and shine. My go-to coconut oil shampoo and conditioner are Renpure Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditionere596f4f481eb17dc4549fa7e970d558b
  2. Body oil for instant skin moisturizing after a shower.
  3. A natural lip balm to stop chapped lips in their tracks. My favorite coconut-based lip balm comes from EOS.shopping
  4. Under eye cream to help fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.
  5. Frizz fighter to keep those fly-aways in place even on the most  humid or windy days. The coconut oil spray I have been using is the Light Dry Oil Mist by Oliology. (photo courtesy of JocottBrands)product_285

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