If You Don’t Have Stripes…

Then you better fix that! Stripes are pretty much a staple in the wardrobe. So if you don’t have some, get some. They are an easy go to for anyone to wear and they make for a classic, chic look no matter what they are paired with! While stripes are a pattern, they are one of those “neutral” patterns. Meaning they can be dressed up or down, or even with other patterns! Mixing stripes with other patterns is actually very trendy, adding a stylish touch!

via Pinterest
via Pinterest


Stripes are dressed up in this outfit by pairing them with a pencil skirt and leather jacket. Perfect for work!
stripes dressed down

By wearing combat boots and ripped jeans, the stripes instantly have a edgier vibe.

Now go get yourself a striped top and play with all the ways you can wear it!

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