Clear Rimmed Glasses

Having been dubbed a “four-eyes” for the last 12 years of my life, I understand how difficult finding the right (affordable) pair of glasses can be. Yes, contacts are always a great solution, but for those people who don’t like things in or near their eyes, or those, like me, who sometimes wake up too lazy to put in their contacts, glasses are always a go-to.

For me and my usual brown, medium size rimmed glasses, I have a problem coordinating my outfits with these glasses, If I’m going for a certain look, I know I need to put in my contacts, especially if I want to wear any sort of eye makeup and not have it blocked by my glasses.

However, a new trend has popped up that I am dying to try: clear rimmed glasses.

These seem, to me, to be such an easy fashion statement to coordinate with every outfit. Your eye makeup will show more clearly and you will definitely look fashion forward in any outfit you pair them with.

My next pair of rims will definitely be clear, and don’t forget to check out a pair next time you’re at your vision center.

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Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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