Fashion Inspired by Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars

Summer is ending.  So are some of our favorite shows, at least for now.  ABC Family’s novel-based hit drama Pretty Little Liars is one of them. Although PLL has driven us crazy over the past few years with the mysteries and cliff-hangers, the one thing it hasn’t skimped on is fashion. The four main characters all have different personalities, and their wardrobes showcase that individuality in the most stylish ways.

One character who’s definitely a fashion icon of the show is Spencer Hastings, a tall, athletic, preppy, and driven girl who is extremely loyal to her friends. She’s a good model for what every young woman should aspire to be: a stylish and determined leader with a slight caffeine addiction.

Each episode hosts a different Spencer Hastings outfit.  Some I need to pause Netflix for and research because I simply NEED to know where she got those pants/shoes/blouses.

Here are a few outfits that really captured the essence of Spencer Hastings and a great sense of style:

spencers-caped-trench-coat spencers-green-horse-dress-bow-belt-500x300 spencers-military-jacket spencers-mint-green-printed-asymmetric-top spencers-sleeveless-trench spencers-striped-collared-shirt-back-sweater



Images courtesy of WornOnTV, a great website to find the outfit pieces–or something similar– from a character on one of your favorite shows!

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