Summer Days (and Trends) Driftin’ Away

Looking back on all of the trends that popped up this summer, one has definitely caught my eye, especially while I was on vacation in New England. 75049ef0d5aa1ed3dcbac82b73c78630

Wearing button up, collared, Hawaiian print shirts with high-waist shorts was a trend that I unfortunately missed out on but saw very fashionable girls rocking on the shores of Massachusetts. Upon further research, I discovered that the look may have been inspired by street style looks from Coachella, but was a great trend I’m hoping to sport in these last few weeks of summer. 07d7cd2945ae8c43a49bf807f344c806

There are a couple of different variations on the look, but each give that urban-surfer vibe that screams summer fashion. How I regret not noticing this trend sooner. ce25854e55fe0e28047f3a7d07125555

Hurry to the nearest store (or Dad’s closet) and pick up a patterned-trend that is too cute to miss out on.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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