Wear to Work

Ever wonder how you can be more creative with your business casual look? Sure, anyone can wear a white button up with black slacks to the office, but it’s nice to up the ante a little. It can be tough to distinguish what trends and styles to incorporate into a business look while still remaining professional and appropriate for the workplace, though. A good rule of thumb is to err on the conservative side, but there are still ways to mix up the standard blazer and pant combo.

Unexpected Color

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Try veering from the standard black blazer. A switch as simple as a white jacket (or even a bright color) is a refreshing change of pace.

An Extra Detail

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Classic combinations, like a pair of dress pants, become much more interesting with a pleated bow detail.

Go Monochrome

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Sticking to various materials in one shade is a fun way to freshen up a tired work wardrobe.

Mix and Mingle

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Pairing a typically casual item (such as a stripe cotton top) with a more formal skirt gives your look a nice edge, while still remaining polished and professional.

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