H&M Conscious

H&M released a collection called H&M Conscious, which is created with a greener usage of fashion in mind. The promise is to “bring you more fashion choices that are good for people, the planet and your wallet.”

H&M is proving that sustainability is sexy!

Via morallymarketed.com

Not only is H&M doing good with their exclusive H&M Conscious collection, they’re also giving you a chance to do good! If you have any clothing you would like to donate, bring it to H&M to get up to two vouchers for use on your next purchase. H&M donates a cent for every pound you bring in and reuses clothing in good condition. Some are marketed as second-hand goods, some are recycled, some are reused, and some are used as fuel to produce energy.

As H&M Conscious says “Looking good should do good too.” Good work, H&M!

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