Backpack Styles for School

Though college students may hate to admit it, school is right around the corner with just a little over a month of summer break remaining. Although it’s a bit of a downer, it does give provide an excuse to do some back to school shopping!

One of the most important staples for any student is the bag in which they carry their supplies, which for some ladies may be difficult to choose. How can we have an easy compromise between style, comfort, and practicality?

Here are a few tips for choosing your perfect bag this school season:

For outdoorsy girls, the best backpacks are carried by brands such as the North Face or Herschel. These backpacks make transitioning from campus to the hiking trails as seamless as possible.



Boho-chic girls have an array of options from many retailers for a flap-closure backpack such as the one featured below from Free People.


Free People

The working girl, who may need to transition from class to a corporate internship, should opt for something chic and versatile. Retailers such as Kate Spade have purses large enough to do double-duty.


Kate Spade

Our prepsters will love the bags from Vera Bradley! Really who can pass up that paisley, anyway?


Vera Bradley

Lastly, our techies looking for a little extra love for their laptops will find comfort in Ebags‘ offerings, with a special compartment specifically for electronics.



Some of you, like me, fit into the all-of-the-above category. Don’t be ashamed to own them all! That just means you’re prepared for anything.

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