Poolside Essentials

The Fourth of July is here and summertime is in full swing! It’s time to have that beach bag ready to go so laying out is easy. Obviously a bathing suit and towel are necessary, but what are some other necessities that will make your pool time more enjoyable?

First, sunscreen! Always protect your skin. A great way to tan is put SPF 30+ on and then lather on some tanning oil.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Second, hydrate! Bring some water bottles and sip, sip, sip. Whether you realize it or not, most of the time you sweat in the sun and water.

Third, reading materials! What a great way to follow through with that New Year’s resolution of reading a book a month. You’re sitting anyways, might as well make yourself useful!

Lastly, make sure you protect your electronics. There’s nothing worse than enjoying the day and then dropping your phone in the pool or getting water damage! Get a waterproof or water friendly case.

Enjoy a safe, sunny, and patriotic Fourth of July!