Short Hair If You Dare

Long hair hit a high point a few years ago when long locks down to your buttocks was all the rage.


Not anymore! Bobs, lobs, and other short hairstyles hit the fashion world with a bang, or in this case, a snip.

Women everywhere are ditching their flowing locks for something shorter, lighter, and simpler (A bit ironic, as men everywhere seem to be growing their hair out to achieve the perfect man bun).

For many, long hair is often a security blanket. Countless style option, something to fidget with, and even a means to keep warm. Short hair can be liberating.

Whether you keep it at a long bob or go for a daring pixie cut, short hair is worth the try. There is a rule by John Frieda to determine whether or not short hair will look good on you:

“The 2.25 inch Rule: Place a pencil under your chin horizontally. Then place the ruler under your ear, vertically. The intersection of the pencil and ruler indicates a measurement. If it is less than 2.25′ – go for the chop”

A few upsides when considering shorter hair styles:

It won’t take away from your styling game, only cut (pardon the pun) the time in half. Short hair is still style-able!

imagesBobby Glam

You save on shampoo! A little goes a long way when it comes to cleaning your shorter strands.

Hair care

Your hair is healthy. The ends are not split, they are all (for the most part) equal in length, and your hair just looks and feels better.


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