Ditch the Shampoo

A wild new low-maintenance hair trend has taken hold of hair enthusiasts everywhere. no-poo
Pins and Procrastination

The movement is called “no ‘poo” and contrary to its unfortunate title, it is the latest in cleansing tips for your hair and scalp. This method may be the simplest one yet in terms of achieving the gorgeous locks we desire: cut out shampoo and conditioner from your hair care regimen!

Many, including myself, may be a little skeptical of this method. There are people who feel gross even going one day without washing their hair. If I go more than a few days without a good wash, I am inclined to start apologizing to innocent passers-by on the street.

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According to nopoomethod.com, “the theory of “No Poo” is this: by washing hair with a gentle alternative to shampoo, such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar or even just water only, you’ll achieve clean hair without the damage or dependency on daily shampooing. So, in short, instead of allowing chemicals in shampoo to strip your hair, strip away the chemicals and stop using shampoo altogether. Most dermatologists and hair stylists have been long-time advocates of shampooing less often and are crying ‘hallelujah!’ for this hair care revolution.”

Many swear by this method, suggesting that their hair hasn’t felt this good in ages. There are different techniques for different hairstyles. For example, it is suggested that people with naturally curly hair continue to use some conditioner, as these hair types dry out easily.

2133220Luckily for the skeptics, those brave enough to test the method are documenting their journey online. There is even a pre-packaged cleanser by Deva Curl called no-poo, which may be purchased at most beauty supply stores.

To some, this is just another hair-care suggestion, for others this is a new lifestyle to adopt. To try it out, visit nopoomethod.com to research the different alternatives to shampooing your hair.

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