Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale: Why We Love and Hate it

01-061215-sale-ftrIt’s that time of semi-annual year again, Victoria’s Secret has the sale that causes millions of women, ages ranging from 12 to 112, to flock to their nearest store and stock up on all of their undergarment needs.

Victoria’s Secret does not skimp on quality or style when it comes to undergarments, swimwear, and lounging and athletic clothes. There’s nothing better than a matching set of underwear, especially if purchased from VS.

Their products are enviable, making them one of the top women’s undergarment distributors in the world. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are a breed of their own and the fashion show becomes a bigger spectacle every year.


The one downside to Victoria’s Secret is the high prices. This is not an issue exclusive to them, but rather the entire industry of women’s undergarments. Why must we be charged so much for things that are a basic necessity to everyday life? I guess this is one secret Victoria is going to keep.


Though their prices are sometimes high, the semi-annual sale does much to alleviate some of the pressures of those prices. With sales like 5/$27 panties and $14.99 and up bras, there’s no wonder women go bankrupt around this time to stock up.

Go find some goodies while you can at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale!

Images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

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