If you have yet to hear, the newest designer collaboration with H&M is none other than Balmain, a haute couture house. To give you an idea how Oliver Rousteing, the young creative director of Balmain, usually designs, here’s an example from the Balmain Resort 2015 collection.

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Balmain is known for intricate beading and embroidery. How in the world can something with so much detail translate into affordable streetwear? Here’s the collaboration announcement of H&M x Balmain.

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Jourdan Dunn sports an embroidered outfit in Balmain’s signature style. From a distance, it’s tough to discern wheather Kendall Jenner’s black cardigan is beaded or simply a knit, but the closeup removes any uncertainty.

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The intricately beaded blazer donned by Jenner is sure to wow!

H&M x Balmain will not launch until November 5th of this year, but until then, Rousteing is sure to keep us updated on social media via hashtag #HMBalmaination

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