Beach Waves

Since not everyone lives near a seaside paradise, it can be hard to present ourselves as beach babes when living in the city.  If you’re not one to deal with the hassle of curling irons, here are two easy ways to get those perfectly messy, beachy waves (sans beach).

1. Twist away!

After you shower and let your hair dry a little, split your hair in two down the middle while damp and start twisting. Bring the twists back up, clip them in place, and get your beauty sleep. Unpin your hair in the morning and shake it all out. Voila! Curls. For those of you who need a visualization, here’s a step-by-step from Pretty Gossip:


As seen in the second picture, the curls loosen quite a bit. As with any hairstyle, use curling cream or hairspray to maintain the style longer.

2. Braid it!

As with the first option, split hair in two down the middle while still damp. This time, french-braid your hair and let it sit overnight while you sleep. Loosen your hair in the morning. Again, the curling cream and hairspray are optional.


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