Temporary Watercolor Tattoos

Have you ever wanted to sport a tattoo, but never wanted the permanence of it? And the little kiddie tattoos aren’t quite what you had in mind? This little nifty Etsy shop, Siideways, designs temporary watercolor tattoos that last anywhere from one day to a week.

There are so many designs to choose from, including the standard black ink designs…

Humming Bird temporary tattoo - Set of 2 - Geometric, Floral, Bird, Tattoo, Woodland, Accessories
Via etsy.com

… inspirational quotes…

Temporary Tattoo - Quote Tattoo, To infinity and beyond, Tattoo Quote, Set of 2, Motivational, Positive
Via etsy.com

….gorgeous multi-colored beauties…

Watercolour Jellyfish temporary tattoo - Ocean, Sea Life, Blue, Large Tattoo
Via etsy.com

…and so much more!

The shop also offers tattoos in packages, so if you’re interested in more than one, it’s possible the tattoos you like might come in a set. Check out the shop here. Enjoy the temporary tattoos to your heart’s content, and have fun scaring your friends and family!

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