Let’s Get Waisted

Summer fun in the sun can be difficult to be had when you’re uncomfortable with your barely-there swimwear.

For smaller girls, it can sometimes be difficult to find a modern bikini that has more than 4 square inches of body coverage. I know that I personally can’t find anything more modest looking below a size 4.

34136341_049_bHigh-waisted bikinis may be the absolute perfect solution. While masking some potential discomfort with your tummy showing, they give off a trendy, fashionable, and vintage vibe that is perfect for some beach hangouts.

These bikini bottoms are cut to accentuate and highlight the best of our curves, while still remaining somewhat modest and covering up more skin than a bikini normally would. arjx403044_highwaisted,w_mkz6_frt1

Though high quality bikinis may be expensive, investing the added money in one that makes you feel comfortable and will last you a few summers is definitely worth it in the long run.

High-waisted bikinis are fun for the adventurous. It is comforting to know that while swimming, diving, climbing, playing, and exploring, she won’t have to worry about anything coming untied or exposed.


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