DIY T-Shirt Dress

Have you ever had a really long, oversize t-shirt that you loved, but couldn’t wear due to the sheer size of it? If you don’t mind sacrificing the uniformity of the t-shirt, you can make it so that it not only fits, but works as a dress!


If you’re not sure where to make the first cut, do so where the end of a crop top would be, say 2-3 three inches above the bottom of your rib cage. The third and fourth picture asks you to make a keyhole at the center of the “top” part of your dress and to cut, on the front of the “bottom” part of your dress only, a few inches down. The last two steps ask you to loop the end of the incision you made for step four through the keyhole in step three and to the the ends together. Voila, a t-shirt dress!

Please note that the shown picture made more modifications than the diagram itself describes. As always, the best way to make sure your dress stays together is by sewing the ends rather than tying. This idea can also be used for normal t-shirts!


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