Soft as… Leather

When one thinks of leather apparel, what often comes to mind is the crisp, shiny leather jackets most recently seen in the ubiquitous moto jackets.  This leather can lend that “bad girl”edge to a look.

That being said, it’s hard to imagine a leather so soft that it could actually be draped. But Italian father-daughter design team Marianna and Ferrero Rosati of DROMe, have done it.  Marianna Rosati showcased her delicate, buttery couture leather line during the recent Milan Fashion Week.


It likely goes without saying that these leather pieces come at an incredibly hefty price point.  So, here’s to hoping that Marianna and Ferrero Rosati will consider designing some ready-to-wear leather pieces, so that more of us can feel the buttery softness of their luxury leather!

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