The Right Swimsuit for You!

It’s almost swimsuit season! Some of us dread it, some of us anticipate it, but, regardless of your stance, if you plan to lounge anywhere near water, a swimsuit is likely going to be in your future.

What to look for if you’re curvy:

Colorblocking and retro suits will give you support without showing off too much.


Asymmetrical swimsuits are also good for women with curvy bodies because the cut will highlight your neck and collarbone!


If you want to rock a bikini, go for it! If you aren’t keen on accentuating your bust and waist, skip the string tie bikinis (the ties highlight your widest points) and instead consider a bikini like the swimsuit below, which lie flat.


If you have a small bust:

One seriously great thing about small busts – you can rock bandeau tops and those tiny scoop tops.


Any tops with embellishments or patterns is a plus, because it gives the illusion of a bigger bust. Another plus is that some swimsuits include push-ups, so don’t be afraid to try out several suits before you find the one that makes you happy!

What to look for if you have a large bust:

For you ladies, the more support, the better. It’s basically like shopping for a bra, so don’t be afraid to go up a size to keep the girls secure!


What to look for if you have a pear-shaped body:

Keep the bottom as simple as possible. You don’t want any distractions or extra material drawing attention to your bottom. The best swimsuit type for ladies with pear-shaped bodies are those that plunge. A plunging neckline will bring the eye up toward your face rather than down toward your derriere.


Have a great swimsuit season and BE CONFIDENT rocking your new suit! Never forget – rules are made to be broken, anyway, so wear what makes you happiest!

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