Grey Hair Everywhere!

Either the world has been rapidly aging, or there is a bold new trend going on. Let’s assume the latter.

The latest hair trend is here, and it just so happens to be what most women work to avoid after it happens naturally.

Young women across the country have turned to dying their hair different shades of grey and silver. Perhaps the Fifty Shades of Grey film really inspired them after all.

Celebrities such as Hillary Duff and Lady Gaga have even been donning the look, and I must say I myself have been craving to try it.

The grey/silver tones can be darkened or lightened to match any skin tone, so this look can work for most anyone. It also adds just the right amount of edge to any ensemble and face, and is sure to be a conversation starter and head turner.

Sail on, silver girl!

Gray-hair-vintage-roll-curls <> at Chef's Club on March 31, 2015 in New York City. lady-gaga-gallery


  1. Where can you get permanent silver or grey hair dye? Mine is salt and pepper, and I want it all one color like the gal in the top picture.

    1. I would suggest getting it done professionally in a salon first, and then touching it up with boxed hair dye after receiving a few pointers.

      Otherwise, you can find these in major beauty stores such as Sally, Ulta, Harmon,etc. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks for your response.

        I have yet to find a salon that carries grey dye! Ulta and Sally’s don’t carry grey dye (permanent). I don’t know about Harmon. I went on line, and found a lot of junk (from Thailand). I’m surprised with all the older people (especially where I live in northwest Phoenix) that they don’t carry grey hair dye in all the stores.

        Jill Svee

        Excellence is not an accident

  2. So far, no luck. I found a salon that does a grey toner but that washes out quickly. I heard Friedrich(?) and one other professional is putting out grey dyes. What’s frustrating is you show grey but don’t tell how to get the grey dye or the brand.

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