Shinola…Made in Detroit

While Detroit may not be the epicenter of all things fashionable, it is undoubtedly a proud, strong American city on the rebound.  When we think of Detroit, we may think of the Big Three Automakers.  We may think of music: Eminem, Kid Rock, Motown.  We may think of crime, extreme poverty and unemployment.   But, we may not think of watches.  Watches are made in Switzerland, not in Michigan, right?  Not so: since 2013, Detroit-based Shinola has been producing classic, “timeless” watches for men and women.

Once a prosperous manufacturing world class city, Detroit fell into financial ruins and general urban decay following the decline of the automotive industry.  Entire neighborhoods were abandoned, and crime skyrocketed.  But a strong sense of civic pride has always been bubbling just beneath the surface.  Detroit has been working hard in recent years to make a comeback, and with the help of local businesses providing jobs and stability, this comeback is becoming a reality.

THE RUNWELL SPORT CHRONO 42mm Men's Gray Chronograph Watch
THE RUNWELL 41mm Black Watch

Shinola’s oversized face works for both men and women.

Singular Sensation - A.P.C. jumpsuit; True Religion T-shirt; Shinola watch; MCM clutch.
from W Magazine

The Runwell, available in different face and leather styles.

11000266 The Birdy
from Pinterest

The Birdy double wrap strap, also available in different face and leather colors.

Shinola gifted the City of Detroit these three outdoor clocks.

All Four Shinola Clocks Across Detroit
from Pinterest

The classic Shinola brand represents what Detroit is all about:  rebirth, optimism, equality, and general American pride.  It’s an investment to feel good about.

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