1970’s Redux

The spring of 2015 is proving to be a flashback to the 1970’s.  Designers are borrowing details from this iconic era to build a modern take on spring fashion.

Gone is the term “Boho Chic,” now to be replaced by “Luxury Bohemian.”  But the concept is the same: loose, flowing, easy, breezy.

from Vogue.com

Floppy hats and oversized sunglasses fit the bill.

Indecent Proposal - Boo George, 1970s Sexy, Soo Joo Park

Chloe from Luxurydaily.com

Subtle changes modernize the look without taking away from the vibe.  This is a take on a 1970’s poncho without being a full-on poncho.  A hip-hugging, long denim skirt is brought up to date with a side slit.

from Popsugar.com

A Pucci-esque print on an modern silhouette by the Spanish powerhouse designer, Zara.  Psychedelic, but not overwhelmingly so.

ZARA Spring 2015 (7)
from Zara.com

Denim, the cut of which seems to change with each season, features a slim leg with a flared bottom.

Sabine flare denim from J Brand

But, let’s not forget.  The 1970’s was not ALL about peace, love, and happiness.  This decade was also about DISCO and the excess which accompanied it.  Watch the 1970’s fashion mash-up unfold!  It will be a little bit disco and a little bit rock and roll.  Amy Adam’s American Hustle look is spot-on.

from lovleyish.com

Halston’s fresh take on their signature halter dress, a la Studio 54.

from Halston.com

Look for fun, interesting ways to add a 1970’s vibe to your look without going overboard.  Peace Out!

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