Trending: Leather Leggings

Leather is back in full force. We aren’t just talking about the classic leather jacket, either. Leather dresses, vests, pants and now even leather leggings are easy to find. The luxurious material is starting to pop up in jewelry more and more, as well. It’s worth discussing the leather legging trend and how to wear them. Leggings get so much flak for ‘posing’ as a pant. So how do you wear this statement piece without making too much of a scandalous scene? First, find a pair that fits you well. Since some are a more slinky material, you want a pair that will have some type of lining so you can actually move in them. Conveniently, the a-line shirt or blouse is trending and is a great option to cover your tush, since these are, after all, still leggings. And really, have fun with them! They are so stylish. Take some inspiration here and rock a pair on your own!