Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s style choices have blasted the internet one phase at a time. From her hair cut, to her lip change, to new hair styles and risque photos or outfits, she has taken the fashion world by storm.

Her recent addition of dread locks has been highly controversial on social media, with some fans loving her new “edgy” look, while others complain that what is “edgy” on her should not be copied by mainstream society.

dreads dreads1

Dreadlocks have always been a bohemian look that many people try and many yearn to try, but are scared to attempt. Dreadlocks date back to ancient Egypt and are matted coils of hair–most are intentionally formed, as in the case of Kylie.

Kylie’s dreadlocks, like most of her style decisions, stirred the pot a little, but when it comes to fashion statements, she knows how to make them and start a trend.


Photos courtesy of Hollywoodlife

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