No Boots? How About Snow Boots?

Everyone in the Northeast can agree: this winter has been particularly brutal this year. With week after week of continued snowfall, accumulation, and snow days, it’s a wonder that we don’t just go into hibernation like some of the smarter mammals.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for snow. There are still oh-so-many things to be done, like digging out the car to get to work, walking the dog in a blizzard, getting groceries, or grabbing your mail.

Tackle the snow with a pair of real snow boots. Wearing your soft and warm Uggs may be tempting, but they were not meant to slosh around in frozen water this intensely. Invest in some fur lined, rubber toed, god-sent shoes to get all of your winter activities and chores done.

L.L. Bean offers a great variety of winter apparel that could protect anyone’s toes from frozen winter doom. These will last you many winters to come, as well, and with a reasonable price, there is no reason for you to let your feet feel the wrath of those puddles.

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