“Printed” Dresses

Would you wear a printed dress? No, not like floral print or plaid print….an actual dress made from a 3-D printer! As absurd and uncomfortable as it sounds, the dress – created by a program called Kinematics – flows like fabric and will not chafe your skin. The program, developed by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, scans the body of the to-be wearer and then fits to a base model of the dress. The result? Hundreds, if not thousands, of triangles engulfing your body in fun, intricate shapes.

Via wired.com

Here’s a close-up of the design:

Via wired.com

Hinges on each side of the triangles allow the dress to flow freely. The designers determine the exact size and placement of each triangle.

Unfortunately, a printed dress like this costs about $3,000 per production. We may not see these dresses on the mass market for awhile, but there is a possibility of other printed garments emerging from 3-D printers at lower prices soon!

The dress folds to accommodate the size of the 3D-printer.
Via wired.com

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