Under the Tree: Alex and Ani

Ever wonder what was jingling on your coworkers arm? Either St. Nick left his sleigh bells or it may be a set of Alex and Ani bangle bracelets.

I got a few for Christmas this year, unintentionally joining the new jewelry trend.

These silver, gold, and bronze bracelets come in different themes, such as ’empowerment’ or ‘energy’, and with different charms to fit every religion, hobby, or personality, similar to Pandora’s theme.

I have to say, although I fully believe that the whole ‘energy’ concept is a placebo, I can’t help but feel an added pep in my step whenever I adorn my newly appointed favorite accessory.

Alex and Ani bangles make perfect gifts, and with Valentine’s day swiftly approaching, I would suggest to start planning (or hinting) which bracelets and charms to get!

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