Winter White

Some of us grew up with mothers hiding anything white away as soon as Labor Day ended. Now anything goes! White can be worn all year long. Here’s a few good tips to keep in mind when decking out in blanco.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

1. When summer ends, so should the light, summery fabrics. Put away the linen and tanks and trade them for white fur, cashmere, or heavy knits. Not only do you want to dress warm enough, but you also don’t want to look cheesy.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

2. It’s okay to wear ALL white. Believe it or not, it is perfectly okay (beautiful, even!) to wear all white. The trick is to layer pieces of different material and texture to give dimension and interest to the outfit.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

3. Have fun with makeup. Since there isn’t too much going on with the outfit as far as color, play with some colorful lipsticks or blushes to brighten up your face.

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