Tips for New Year’s Eve Dressing

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via Pinterest

New Year’s Eve is the last big event of the year and the very first of the next. Everyone makes different plans that call for different outfits, but no matter what, always wear something that will end the year fashionably and start the next looking good! Sometimes after all the Christmas parties, it’s easy to look into the closet and count out all the dresses and fancy accessories that have been worn already. Here are a few ideas to use what you own and look your best:

1. Don’t be afraid to recycle a look. So, you went to a holiday work party December 1st and you don’t want to wear the same dress twice, because a coworker might be at the NYE party you plan on attending. Add a fun necklace, throw on some new tights, mix it up with a blazer! Switch it around and no one will be the wiser.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Bedazzle the outfit with different jewelry, try out a different hairstyle, or switch the flats for some punchy pumps. It’s easy to create a whole new look when you add different goodies.

3. Try something different. Everyone always wears a dress to all these parties. Why not try a little skirt with patterned tights or a pair of dark denim with a shimmery top? The unexpected can still be appropriate!

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