Clothing Advent Calendar

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Advent calendars are such a fun way to celebrate each day as it gets closer to Christmas. It’s always fun to see what kind of goodie is inside. It isn’t too late to start one, and in the spirit of fashion, why not incorporate your wardrobe into it? The idea of an advent calendar extends way beyond the customary wall hanging. It can simply be a list of things to do or small presents allocated for each day. Make up a few of your own or take a few of our examples below!

1. Wear something that a family member gave to you.

2. Add a piece of unexpected jewelry to your outfit.

3. Dress up fancier than you normally do.

4. Donate 10 items you haven’t worn in awhile.

5. Give someone $20 and ask them to buy something that made them think of you.

6. Try a new lipstick.

7. Pin a few new pictures onto a fashion board for future inspiration.

8. Flip through a fashion magazine.

9. Wear Christmas pajamas.

10. Carry a cross body while Christmas shopping.

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