Hairstyles for Colder Weather

Winter can be a tough season to get through: the bitter cold, snow, and dark leave us running low on time and energy, and oftentimes our hair feels the repercussions of this. Not to worry: there are plenty of ways to keep your hair looking cute and your head feeling warm these winter months!

Creating soft waves in your hair using a curling iron or straightener will create a casual chic look while keeping it down keeps your neck warm.


A loose messy bun with a few braids incorporated can cover your ears to keep them warm, while defining your bone structure and saving your style


Utilize those head warmers and beanies! Incorporating a head warmer as a headband, or a beanie for those long days outdoors is sure to keep your head warm and your hair in place. Let your hair cascade under the beanie or tie it up into a bun or ponytail under the headband.


Loose ponytails and braids cascade down your neck and keep you warm while looking cute.


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