Beauty: Holiday Nails

While french manicures and solid-color nail polishes are a safe, sophisticated way to keep your look classy, you can still have work-appropriate nails with a little bit of holiday flair!

1. Matte nails with suede ends


Mixing textures is such a great way shake up your nail routine without going too over the top. Suede tips are a fun trend this holiday season. You can choose any color combination you want – snow white with crystalline blue, midnight black with Christmas gold, or you can go monochromatic, as seen above. If you can’t be bothered to fuss with different tips, suede over the entire nails is another fun option.

2. Ombre


The ombre manicure requires less perfection than the french tip. Just paint a base color, grab your glittery polish in the color of your choice, start at the tip, and stroke towards the middle of the nail. Depending on your polish, you may have to add on a clear coat for a smoother surface.

Another DIY way to get a glittery ombre end is to use actual glitter in place of a separate glitter polish. Simply layer on a clear coat and sprinkle on the glitter while the polish is still wet!

3. Subtle sparkle


All this requires is your base color and a bottle of flakie polish. A flakie polish is basically a clear coat with flakes of glitter in it. Swipe on your flakie polish and you’re good to go!

4. Metallic nail


Pick one nail, usually people go with their ring finger, and paint it a different color than the rest for a quick pop of interest. A metallic or sparkly color is a great option if you don’t want a hand full of bling!

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