It may seem like winter months call for practicality over fashion to keep one warm, however, fashion can be found even in the coldest of months. One trend popping up across the nation’s malls this cold season is leather! Yes, the layered leather look is sweeping Forever 21’s everywhere, and here are a few ways you can incorporate your finest leather looks into your everyday winter ensemble.

  1. Accessorize: Not a huge fan of leather/scared of not being able to pull off the look? Ease yourself into it by starting with a few accessories to add to your outfit!

leather 1 leather 2

2. Leather touch: Pops of leather in your outfit will add that not-so-subtle hint that you are one fashionable person! Choose one leather piece to wear and complete the outfit with muted textures and tones to show off that leather.

leather 5leather 4leather 3

3. Go big or go home! Try maxing out on leather; you’ll be the bold and beautiful girl with a great sense of style!

leather 6

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