Must-Have Lipstick Shades

Cold weather means chapped lips. Chapped lips does not necessarily mean chapstick. There are fusions of both lipstick and chapstick (Baby Lips, anyone?) in one tube, so why sacrifice color for smooth lips when you can have both? Here are three lipstick shades every woman should stock in her drawer:

1. Red


It doesn’t have to be a bright crimson red – it could be a subtle orange-red or a deep maroon red. The table above can provide some guidance! Down the left side is the basic shades of skin – light, medium, and dark. Once you figure out which category your skin falls under, determine if you have a orange, blue, pink, or dark undertone beneath your skin.

2. Nude


Out of the three must-have shades, nude is my personal favorite because I love playing up my eyes. If you want to bring attention to your eyes, a nude lipstick will really make them stand out!

3. Clear Gloss

lip gloss

If you love your lip color the way it is but you want a little bit of glamour, slip on that clear gloss!

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