Tips for Fall Lips

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Every season has its makeup colors. Spring brightens up with light eye shadow and a pop of blush. Autumn fades in with deep reds and golden hues. With Thanksgiving upon us, it may be time to try a new shade of lipstick for the family get togethers! Plum is a bold color that contrasts well with a shimmery bronzer or a sparkly gold eye. Some tips for a dark lip:

1. Always use liner. You can get away with just swipe light pink lipstick as you run out the door, but bold lips need time in order to apply neatly. The dark shades require neat lines to avoid looking like a clowns smile! Invest in a liner that matches well with the lipstick.

2. Choose the right shade. Just as the red family has many different shades, the plums and purples also have varying hues to complement your complexion. Do a little testing to see which shade would be best for your skin tone.

3. Don’t be shy! Sometimes we like to play it safe in the makeup bag. Wear that lipstick and wear it proud! Often times we don’t think we can pull it off, but we can!

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