Lip Balm

While fall activities may have you in a busy hustle, there’s one thing you should remember while heading to that apple orchard or pumpkin picking: lip balm. This less glamorous lip-wear does not receive the kudos it deserves. In order to rock those bold, autumn shades on your lips, they need to be healthy and moisturized.
When choosing lip balm, try not to simply select the one that is currently in vogue or that everyone else is using. Just because they are well-known doesn’t mean that Baby Lips by Maybelline or the EOS egg will necessarily do the job. Choose a lip balm that touts three key features: moisturizing, healing, and protecting. It needs to do the job of a moisturizer, an intensive skin healing cream, and a sunscreen. Burt’s Bees and ChapStick generally ensure a positive outcome, as do lip balms manufactured by skin care lines.
Lip balms also come in a variety of tints, shades, shimmers, and colors. Stop by your local drugstore and browse for the perfect lip balm for you and don’t forget to integrate it into your daily beauty routine!

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