Worth A Look: MOTA SmartRing

Wearable technology gets hotter as time goes on – and here’s an option if you don’t want a chunky bracelet for your phone notifications: MOTA’s SmartRing.

Via mashable.com
Via mashable.com

Not only do you get notifications for e-mail, Facebook, and phone calls, but you’ll be able to swipe the tiny screen when it vibrates to either ignore the notification or to get more information on, say, who e-mailed you.

Two colors are currently available: midnight black and pearl white. You can preorder your ring now and receive it by April 2015. The best part about the cool, fashionable, and functional ring is its affordability—instead of the typically insane prices you see for wearable technology, this SmartRing is sitting at $75.

Unfortunately, MOTA hasn’t quite yet made the ring available to users other than Android or iOS phone, such as Windows phone users, but hopefully in the near future they will.

To learn more about this incredible product, watch the video below:

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