Moccasins for the Win

As the colder days approach us, the flip-flops are long tucked away and the ballet flats don’t seem to be cutting it anymore for those casual days at home, school, or in the office.

The effort to sock-up and throw on a bulky pair of boots may seem like too large of a step at this point, so try transitioning into the colder months with a pair of moccasins!

Yes truly: mocs rock! They keep your feet just warm enough while still allowing your foot to breathe and accept the fact that summer is behind you.

These Native American shoes work with almost any casual day outfit, so don’t hesitate to throw on a pair of jeans and moccasins. They range anywhere from “really, that’s it?” to “wow that’s a little hefty.”

Don’t be afraid to splurge on a pair of durable, high quality moccasins that will last longer in the long run and keep you warm.  You deserve to be casual, comfortable, cute, and most of all: warm!

mocassin 1 moccasin 4moccasin 2moccasin 3

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