Fashion Icon: Miss Karl Lagerfeld

If you haven’t heard the news, Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with Barbie!


The fashion icon and the head creative designer of Chanel have decided to create a Miss Karl Lagerfeld.


As you can tell from the above picture, Miss Karl Lagerfeld mimics the iconic mastermind’s style: a black and white suit, black tie, sunglasses, and Lagerfeld’s signature white ponytail.

Of course, these Barbies aren’t going to be sold at your local Toys R’ Us. There are only 999 Miss Karl Lagerfeld Barbies available, and can only be found at Collette, Net-a-Porter,, and of course, Karl Lagerfeld boutiques.

Much like her inspiration, this Barbie isn’t going to come cheap. Her price is currently set at $200 and is likely to grow in value due to the limited availability.

If you really want Miss Karl Lagerfeld to grace your collection or if you’re simply a Karl Lagerfeld fan, mark your calendars for tomorrow, September 29th, when Miss Karl Lagerfeld will make her debut!

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